St Rita’s Rockford IL – Rosary Walk Prayer Garden

As an international supplier of churches and monuments since 1996, Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, Florida has carved and imported stunning hand carved marble religious statues to the entire United States and abroad. This project features 6 hand carved marble religious figures. The first of which, a kneeling angel pair was placed at the entrance of the prayer garden.

We have carved a reproduction of Michelangelo’s Pieta as well as the crowned mother Mary and baby Jesus on many occasions. The majority of our work is life size, however we can carve as small ask desktop size as well. Each and every statue we carve is hand carved on hand picked statuary white or white Carrara marble. We offer your choice of fine Italian marble.

The end result of months of planning was a truly breathtaking and peaceful environment. We invite all inquiries through our website or call us today at .1.866.860.1710 to inquire on our vast stock inventory of carved marble religious statuary.

There is no project too large or too small for our team to be able to assist your needs! Visit our 5 acre showroom located in the Paradise cost of Southwest Florida. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy a stay in our beautiful tropical paradise!

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