Custom Exotic Italian Arabascato Marble Columns and Fireplace Mantel ( Concept to completion via Install Partner )

This blog features a recent custom project from the nation’s leader in marble fireplace mantels, columns, fountains and statuary. Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida supplied custom hand carved Italian quarried Arabascato marble mantel and columns for a customer.

Our owner importer has visited Italy first hand for decades. Each year we visit the Bel Paese where we hand select the finest grade A italian quarried marble.

Whether you’re a home owner, interior designer, builder, architect or simply a lover of hand carved natural stone products Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs has something for you. Shop online or schedule a showroom tour today. We are located a stone’s throw from regal Port Royal Naples, Florida. Our showroom is packed wall to wall with rare and unusual finds with 150 marble mantels in stock at the time of this blog.

Custom Overmantel In Italian Bianco Perlino, From Concept to Completion

Step 1 – Block Selection ( Italian Bianco Perlino Marble )

Italian quarried Bianco Perlino was selected for this project.

Step 2 – Shop Drawings ( Fine’s Gallery’s experienced in-house design team supplies detailed shop drawings for review & approval prior to going into production )

This mantel & overmantel measured up at over 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The shop drawings were presented to the homeowner and their contractors for review & approval prior to going into production on the hand carved masterpiece!

Step 3 – The mantels are hand carved overseas in Museum Quality worksmanship.

Step 4 – Importing / US Inspections / Professional US packing / Forwarding

Step 5 – Installation! ( Fine’s Gallery provides our clients with an install partner who can handle jobs large and small )

Our Travelling install partner travelled from our home base in Bonita Springs, FL to the jobsite in Indiana, USA!

Where Can i Buy Italian and French Marble Fireplaces in the United States?

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, Florida is located a stone’s throw away from beautiful Port Royal Naples Florida. We are located just a few hours drive from Miami and Tampa Florida. Our showroom is packed wall-to-wall with rare and unusual hand picked, hand carved italian marble and french limestone fireplace mantels among other things!

Rare Gems

Huge Inventory On display ( 150 mantels + or – ) / QR CODE SHOPPING

Most visitors spend an hour or so browsing our 30,000 SQ FT showroom. We normally keep 150 natural stone mantels on display and can also customize if need be. Each mantel has a QR code so you can shop right on your I Phone, no need for the hassle traditionally involved with such an important purchase!

Italian Marble – Breccia Viola, Italian White Carrara Marble & Italian Arabascato Marble

French Limestone Mantels ( Among other things, we also have a wide variety of fountains )

Italian Bianco Perlino, Italian Roman Travertine & Italian Ivory Travertine

Variety ( of style and stone )

Contemporary, Modern & Coastal

A very sleek straight lined mantel in light Statuary White Marble, very fine indeed!


Exotic Italian Arabascato Orobico Marble
Italian Calacatta Marble is on hand at Fine’s Gallery. We travel to Italy several times a year to hand pick the blocks which end up in your living room!
Hand picked Statuary Marble. A very light white marble with very light gray veins. One of our Most popular offerings!




Where Can I Buy Marble and Bronze Statues in The United States?

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida is located a stone’s throw away from Port Royal Naples Florida on the Paradise Coast. We are within driving distance, located between Miami and Tampa FL. The showroom is packed wall-to-wall with rare and unusual artifacts, namely marble and bronze statues are the focal point of this blog.

Trendy – Modern, Contemporary & Coastal

If you’re thing is ‘in the now’, we are scowering the globe for fresh art. our marble and bronze statues are all hand carved and hand sclupted. We are never light on contemporary and modern styles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we can always have your dream sclupture made-to-order.

Traditional – French, Italian, Tuscan & Mediterranean

If you’re interested in Tuscan style marble statues that were inspired by the famous artisans of the 19th century such as Bernini, we will always have something for you. Our marble statues are consider museum quality. Museum quality is indicative of the top hand picked marble, hand carved by the top master carvers in the industry today.

Church Supply – Religious statues, altars and architectural supply

Our vast inventory of religious statuary and carved marble angel monuments is un-matched. We have supplied countless churches, schools, cemeteries and homeowners alike since the 90’s. Our work speaks for itself. Rely on our expertise, quality control and expert packing methods, not to mention our special shipping partners who are delivering our high end art across all 50 states.

Monuments –

We are world re-known for our hand carved marble angels. We also commonly carve our angel statues out of Granite as well and have a vast stock inventory to choose from!

Marble and Bronze Lions

Our Selection is 2nd to none. Unlike many of the soley web based companies, Fine’s Gallery has a brick and mortar store that is unmatched in vast inventory and museum quality selection. Marble and Bronze lions can always be viewed first hand. Below are a few samples of what you can expect to find at our showroom as of today’s blog ( 12/20/2023 )

Bronze Statues

We have a spectacular collection of bronze statues. Featured below is a rearing horse.

Brilliant Enameled Bronze Dolphins ( and more )

Our South Florida audience will also appreciate the vast selection of bronze dolphins, sailfish, manatees and more!

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida is 15 minutes from RSW Airport ( Fort Myers International ) Schedule a showroom tour today 239.277.0009

24971 South Tamiami Trail

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Sat 11am-4pm

Where can I find a marble fountain installer in the United States?

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida has supplied the entire United States and abroad for 26 years. Our travelling install partners just returned from another out of state project. This job features a classic bronze fountain our BF-799 fountain installed inside of our MPL-341 light travertine pool surround, measuring 120″ in diameter x 124″ in height.

Our customers can shop online or visit our vast 30,000 sq ft showroom located a stone’s throw away from Port Royal Naples Florida. We are located smack in between Tampa FL and Miami FL. Enjoy a weekend getaway here at the Paradise Coast of SWFL while you browse our vast selection of luxurious bronze and natural stone products.

Schedule a showroom tour today

239.277.0009 or 1.866.860.1710

Fine’s Gallery Internet, LLC

24971 South Tamiami Trail

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15 Minutes from RSW Airport ( Fort Myers International Airport )

30 Minutes from Naples Port Royal

2 1/2 Hours From Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale


Buying a Property in Port Royal Naples Florida and need some inspiration? There is a store for you!

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida is located at 24971 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs, Florida 34134. We are located a stone’s throw away from the ultra-luxurious Port Royal Naples Florida, within driving distance of Tampa and Miami Florida.


Italian and french quarried travertine and limestone fountains are plentiful. We stock fountains that are in line with the current coastal and modern trends as well as traditional tiered fountains, and everything in-between.

Featured here are a couple of Italian quarried Roman Travertine fountains in ‘coastal’ and ‘french country’ inspiration.

Spectacular Italian Roman Travertine tiered fountains. Hand picked from Italian quarries, hand carved by the top master carvers, imported to our state of the art 30,000 SQ FT showroom and ready for installation by one of our Install partners! Inquire today 239.277.0009.



Our hand picked, hand carved natural stone mantels are carved from a wide range of the most sought after italian quarried marble and travertine as well as french limestone.

Featuring Italian carrara and Italian roman travertine mantels. Oversized and extremely ornate detail in French Style.

An arched mantel carved from french quarried limestone, followed by an ultra luxurious modern style Italian Calacatta mantelpiece.



Ultra luxurious ornate bronze fountains in Patina Bronze finish. Set on top of optional light travertine bases. ***Ask about our natural stone pool surround options.

A bronze mermaid and three dolphin fountain feature sclupted in museum quality bronze. This fountain feature can be placed pool side or inside of one of our natural stone pool basins.


Bronze mermaids and dolphins are plentiful at Fine’s Gallery. Set on top of a hollow marble base, which provides pump housing/connection point while creating a focal point for your beloved bronze feature.

Bronze dolphins, sea turtles, marlins, mermaids, sailfish, tropical fish and much more are in great supply at Fine’s Gallery. Schedule a showroom tour today or start your purchase over the phone 239.277.0009.


A biking clad beauty and a traditional bust of Plato are featured here. Each hand carved in hand picked statuary white marble. Our museum quality marble statues are 2nd to none.


Austrian Crystal Chandeliers are on display. Choose from 100’s of vintage lighting, truly rare and classical lighting options.


Our collection of rugs dates back to the 90’s. We have 1000’s of hand knotted rug options to choose from on display at the Gallery!

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL

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Store Hours

Mon- Fri 10 am – 5 pm

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Ask about our Install partners who will travel anywhere to install our larger natural stone & bronze items!~

10 Jaw Dropping Natural Stone and Bronze Urn Pairs

Fines Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida is a stones throw away from Port Royal Naples. Our 30,000 SQ FT showroom is packed wall to wall with rare and unusual hand carved natural stone and bronze products. We are best known for Italian marble mantels and ability to ship our products anywhere in the US within just weeks.

Designer Model # MP-494 Hand carved cherub urns in statuary marble!

Designer Model # BP-1198 – Museum quality bronze urn cherubim pair.

Designer Model # MP-393 – 53″ diameter oversized urn featuring acanthus leaf detail throughout in hand carved travertine!

Designer Model # MP-502 A pair of limestone planters measuring 60″ tall.

Designer Model # MP-449 Contemporary style urns carved from solid white onyx.

Designer Model # MP-518 44″ diameter x 29″ tall urns in hand picked, hand carved Arabascato Marble.

Cherub and Lion themed Urns in Patina Bronze.

Designer Model # BP-119 Gold Gilded bronze ram head urns.

Designer Model # MP-526 – Urn and pedestal pair in antique gold granite.

Exotic Urns in Italian Arabascato Orobico Marble.

Fall 2023 New Arrivals at Fine’s Gallery

If you’ve planned a trip to Florida this year you may want to swing by to see what we have in store as we are not short on new arrivals of our hand carved marble and bronze art. Featuring marble statues, marble fountains, granite fountains, limestone fountains, travertine fountains, marble mantels, limestone mantels, marble and limestone urns, bronze dolphins, bronze mermaids, and much more!

Designer Model # MFP-2583 – Italian Quarried Roman Travertine Mantel, Italian quarried Ivory travertine urns, Classic bronze urns with statuary marble plinths, silk hand woven rug, remington style bronze horse and oversized mirror.

Fine’s Gallery – ” The Best of Italy at your Doorstep”

24971 South Tamiami Trail

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Store Hours – Mon-Fri 10 am-5 pm EST

Sat 11 am-4 pm EST

Daily Deals on Instagram – Follow @finesgalleryllc for weekly deals and new arrivals!

Crafting Elegance: Custom-Made Bespoke Natural Stone Fountains

In a world where mass-produced items dominate the market, the allure of uniqueness and exclusivity has never been stronger. For the discerning client, the journey to find a truly exceptional piece of art often leads to the realm of bespoke creations. Join us as we unveil the enchanting story of a one-of-a-kind natural stone solid granite fountain, meticulously crafted for a client with an appreciation for beauty and sophistication.

Plan View of the 144″ diameter quatrefoil shape solid granite fountain ( includes a commercial grade stainless water ring which provides spectacular water effect )

At the heart of this captivating tale stands a skilled artisan, well-versed in the art of sculpting natural stone. Guided by the client’s vision and inspiration, the artisan embarked on a creative journey that would bring forth a fountain that transcends the boundaries of conventional design.

Fine’s Gallery employs an experienced design team who will provide the client with outstanding and accurate 3D Model of the custom fountain prior to going into production. While there’s nothing quite like the real thing, our state-of-the art software allows our discerning clients to visualize the outcome in a realistic way!

Selecting the Finest Material

Choosing the right stone was the foundation upon which the entire project was built. The artisan meticulously scoured quarries and suppliers to discover the perfect piece of solid granite. Granite, known for its durability, elegance, and rich color variations, emerged as the prime choice. Its timeless beauty and remarkable ability to withstand the elements made it an ideal material for an outdoor fountain.

An angled view of our 3d model displays the attention to detail we pay to each and every fountain. Flood holes are included to each of the fountains two larger tiers in order to ensure maximum water flow rate is achieved.

From Concept to Reality

With the raw materials in hand, the artisan set about sketching and refining the design concept. Collaborating closely with the client, every intricate detail was carefully discussed and modified to ensure that the final creation would embody the essence of their desires.

The Impeccable Craftsmanship

The hallmark of any bespoke creation lies in the craftsmanship, and this natural stone fountain was no exception. The artisan’s hands skillfully shaped and chiseled the solid granite, coaxing out its innate elegance while paying homage to the client’s preferences. Hours turned into days, and days into weeks, as the sculptor poured their heart and soul into creating a work of art that would stand the test of time.

Finished photo of the Bepsoke Granite fountain.

In a world saturated with mass-produced goods, the allure of bespoke craftsmanship is undeniable. As the fountain continues to grace its surroundings for generations to come, it will serve as a reminder of the beauty that emerges when creativity meets craftsmanship.

Custom Guardian Angel of Freedom Monument

A custom designed monument made from bronze and marble From Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL.

Monuments have long served as powerful symbols of history, remembrance, and inspiration. They encapsulate the essence of a society’s values and ideals, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter them. Amongst these remarkable tributes stands the awe-inspiring “Guardian Angel of Freedom,” a custom monument crafted with exquisite artistry from bronze and marble. This monumental masterpiece not only captures the beauty of these materials but also embodies the spirit of freedom, vigilance, and protection. Let us embark on a journey to explore the enchanting story behind this remarkable statue.

The concept for the Guardian Angel of Freedom emerged from a desire to create a symbol of hope and strength that would resonate with people from all walks of life. The artist envisioned a celestial being, crafted from noble bronze and pristine marble, serving as a guardian and protector of liberty.

Standing tall at an impressive height of 7 feet tall, the Guardian Angel of Freedom exudes a sense of grace and dignity. The sculpture depicts a majestic angel with outstretched wings, enveloping a globe in her protective embrace. The globe symbolizes the unity and interconnectedness of humanity, while the angel’s wings symbolize freedom and liberation. The choice of materials adds depth and symbolism to the overall composition.

Bronze, renowned for its strength and endurance, serves as the primary medium for the statue’s body. The artist skillfully sculpts the angel’s flowing robes, capturing every fold and curve with meticulous attention to detail. The bronze surface, with its rich patina, exudes a sense of timelessness and permanence.

Embodying Freedom and Protection
The Guardian Angel of Freedom embodies the universal longing for freedom and protection. Positioned atop a prominent pedestal in a public space, this magnificent monument stands as a beacon of hope, reminding all who gaze upon it of the indomitable human spirit.

The angel’s vigilant expression radiates serenity and confidence, inspiring viewers to strive for their dreams and champion the rights and liberties of all. With her wings unfurled, she embodies the freedom to soar above adversity and achieve greatness.

Impacting the Community
Monuments have a unique ability to foster a sense of unity and pride within communities. The Guardian Angel of Freedom serves as a rallying point, drawing people from all backgrounds to reflect upon shared values and ideals. Its location becomes a gathering place for celebrations, memorial services, and discussions on the importance of preserving freedom and safeguarding the rights of all individuals.

The Guardian Angel of Freedom, a custom monument crafted from the enduring materials of bronze and marble, exemplifies the power of art to inspire and provoke contemplation. It stands as a testament to the timeless pursuit of liberty and protection. As visitors pause to admire its grace and majesty, they are reminded of their inherent capacity to safeguard freedom and work towards a more inclusive and just society. The Guardian Angel of Freedom encapsulates the hopes and aspirations of humanity, an enduring symbol that will inspire generations to come.

Installation of a Modern Style Fountain, in solid Granite.

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL has supplied countless natural stone and bronze fountain features for our high end and commercial clientele for decades. Featured here is a recent fountain we supplied in Southwest Florida which was installed by an install partner.

Designer Model # MF-2120 carved out of Antique Griggio Granite.
. View internet ad here –

One can view hundreds of in stock natural stone fountains online by visiting our website and selection on ‘ SHOW IN STOCK ONLY’. Our in stock natural stone fountain options which range from italian and french style monumental masterpieces to more sleek modern styles can be purchased from stock or completely customized.

View our in stock inventory online here, now! –

Set in front of a modern themed Naples Florida high rise this outstanding fountain feature is trending in popularity due to the wave of contemporary style modern architecture now being seen worldwide.

Whether you’re interested in selecting from our vast line of products or having your own unique vision come to fruition, we can assist you in making your vision come true. See examples of our in-house shop drawings of this fountain for reference of our design phase process.


24971 South Tamiami Trail

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Professional US Packing Methods of our Natural Stone and Bronze Merchandise

Fine’s Gallery has shipped our natural stone and bronze products internationally for decades. During this time we have perfected our packing methods to ensure that each and every order that is shipped out of our facility is packed securely in order to reach the final destination safe and sound.

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL has supplied the US and Abroad with carved natural stone and bronze art for Decades. Visit our vast selection online at or in-store at 24971 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs, FL 34134 1.866.860.1710 inquiries –

Step By Step Installation of a Bronze and Granite Fountain Feature

This blog features a recent installation of a magnificent Equestrian themed fountain feature supplied by Fine’s Gallery of View our vast inventory online where you can get ideas from 100’s of past fountains that we’ve supplied to the entire US & abroad.

Designer Model # BF-920 Features a 130″ tall rearing bronze horse statue set inside of an Antique Griggio Granite Pool Basin, equipped with commercial grade stainless steel water jets.

Museum Quality Hand Carved Marble Statuary

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, Florida has been bringing the best of Italy to your doorstep since 1996. Feast your eyes on some of our recently imported Museum Quality, hand carved marble statuary.

Stunning Grecian Statuary Caryatid Column Pair in White Marble. Each column has been meticulously carved by hand with great attention to detail. Featuring stunning pure statuary white marble, perfect for any interior or exterior application.

Our inventory of Religious statues is unmatched in quality and selection.

MS-923 An amazing white marble Jesus Christ statue in long robes with arms outstretched. An incredible work of art made from white marble with highly realistic details. Pedestal Sold Separately.

Recent Installations of Religious Marble Statues and Monuments

Whether you’re a church member in search of the perfect hand carved marble statue or a grieving family member looking to honor a loved one with a carved marble monument, Fine’s Gallery has something for everyone.

Immaculate Conception Marble Statue Designer Model # MS-995. This truly outstanding quality hand carved marble statue has been carved from a hand selected light statuary white marble.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Marble Statue installed on top of Granite Pedestal with matching footstones and granite flower vases. Our vast in-stock US inventory is unmatched!

Interested in purchasing our life-size hand carved Sacred Heart of Jesus statue? You are just one click away ! `

Pictured here is a Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary which were placed at the Family Plot at a cemetery. These magnificent hand carved artworks are carved from natural solid marble. One should never consider anything else for exterior use as nothing will outlast natural stone and not to mention nothing comes close to the beauty of our museum quality hand carved marble statues!

One can find the above pictured Sacred Heart statue(s) by clicking below!;

Sacred Heart of Jesus Designer Model # MS-1281 –

Sacred Heart of Mary Designer Model # MS-1473 –

Designer Model # MEM-529
View Internet ad –
Combining the Statuary White Marble Immaculate Conception statue with Absolute Black Granite base, rocky edge sub base and two headstones, a stunning choice.

View and Purchase MS-995 online –

View and purchase MEM-519 online now –

View & Purchase MS-1505 St Patrick Marble Statue –

Contact a sales rep today to inquire about our vast stock inventory or submit your inspiration photo and we’ll quote you to have our master carvers to create a hand carved replica of your desired Saint or Angel statue! 1.866.860.1710

A welcoming, Open Armed Statue of Jesus Christ – Designer Model MS-1272

Fine’s Gallery Three Tiered Marble Fountain Installation ( Via Trusted Install Partner )

Have you ever wondered what a step-by-step three tiered marble fountain installation looks like? Here is a quick review of what’s involved! Featured here is an outstanding quality monumental statuary white marble fountain. Nothing will dazzle your guests quite like a hand-carved marble fountain!

The marble basin is the first to go in including tiled marble flooring and pool wall sections. Please keep in mind there is no distasteful liner required to waterproof marble fountains! Your installer should provide proper waterproofing materials & techniques!
The centerpieces are stacked in place using forklift or crane.
Once operational the marble fountain has transformed this home into a truely awe inspiring estate.
Finished Installation of MF-2073
Hand Carved From Grade A Statuary White Marble
120″ tall x 180″ diameter
Customizable in the size & Natural Stone of your choice!

Interested in purchasing this masterpiece? You can do so online. View the product online & start your inquiry today –

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL


24971 South Tamiami Trail

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Installation Spotlight – Three Tiered Travertine Fountain

Travertine is world renown for its unmistakable porous characteristic, adding a certain charm unachievable with other natural stones such as marble or granite. ( IE: Trevi Fountain, Italy ) Choose from our ‘basic’ light travertine or upgrade to the very rare Italian “Roman” Travertine.

Pictured below is an oustanding quality three tiered travertine fountain in pool basin with lights & waterjets! ( All the bells & whistles )

Designer Model # MF-1758
View Internet ad –
Stone Type – Light Travertine
Size – 104″ tall x 112″ diameter
Includes Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Waterjet Spray ring ( Large Size – in catch basin )
Includes Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Waterjet Spray ring ( Small Size – in top tier )

Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL

Servicing FL, USA & Abroad


24971 South Tamiami Trail

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Interested in hearing what our customers have to say:

FAQ – How to design a mantel around a raised insert?

One of the most commonly asked questions we answer for our customers is how to approach the raised firebox insert. Some things are best left to professionals. Stop worrying and start reading about how we can help you to create the marble fireplace mantel of your dreams, with ease…

Option 1 – Raised Hearth ( Ideal for fireboxes raised 8″-12″ )

Option 2 – Raised Opening Faced with Matching Filler Slabs ( The slabs are cut-on-site by the installing contractor )

This option is more common with firebox inserts that are raised up 3″ – 6″, in most situations. The slabs can be ‘matching’ or you can elect to go with a contrasting stone if you prefer.

If you are interested in getting started, just pick from one of our natural stone mantels. View our options online here – Be sure to select ‘ show only in stock’ if you prefer FAST AND FREE SHIPPING.

Once you’ve made your selection follow the attached guide on how to obtain a quote;

Our professional US sales staff is available to assist you over the phone 6 days a week. Monday through Saturday. Contact us today at 1.866.860.1710 — Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL 24971 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Nationwide delivery — Turn-Key install partners — Rare Italian marble & french limestone

Turn-key Installation of Rare Italian Arabascato Orobico Marble Fireplace Mantel

From our showroom to your living room, via Turn-key Installation partner. One can begin their purchase of the ‘perfect’ italian marble fireplace mantel right online via our website or visit our vast 30,000 SQ FT showroom in South Florida. View our showroom on google maps –

Designer Model # MFP-2152 Italian Arabascato Orobico Marble Fireplace – Originally Displayed on our showroom floor at 24971 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs, FL 34134 This rare italian quarried, hand carved marble fireplace mantel was SOLD from our vast stock inventory and installed by an install partner. Interested in this particular mantel? View details online –

Installation Photos –

The marble fireplaces will be delivered in sections. The installing stone mason will lay them out and site-measure any of the sections that may need to be cut-on-site, prior to starting the installation process.
Pictured here the matching hearth slab, jambs ( or if you preferred laymens terms ‘legs’ )
Notice the additional matching marble ‘frame’ around the firebox? We supplied matching filler slab that was cut-on-site by the installing stone mason.
Completed installation of the marble fireplace mantel. Just imagine once the construction has been completed!

Interested in a delivered price quote on one of our 150 stock options or if you’d prefer to submit your inspiration photo and have us carve the mantel from any one of our rare imported marble options. Call us today 1.866.860.1710.

Now accepting orders on our newly acquired Roman Travertine Blocks

For a limited time only Fine’s Gallery of Bonita Springs, FL is accepting orders on this rare italian quarried natural stone. View photo samples of current in-stock fountains and mantels, for inspiration…

This outstanding ‘museum quality’ Italian quarried roman travertine, hand carved wall fountain feature showing below. View & purchase this item online now –

Several oustanding quality roman travertine fireplace mantels are on-display at our 30,000 SQ FT showroom in Bonita Springs, FL – Visit us at 24971 South Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs FL 34134

Additional Samples of In-Stock hand carved Roman Travertine fireplace mantels on-display at our Showroom showing below. Shop online now –

Be the first to claim this finished production tiered fountain, carved from Italian Roman travertine! – MF-1955 –

Have a more simplistic taste? Submit your own inspiration photo or browse 1000’s of past works online at WWW.ITALIANMARBLE.COM —- 1.866.860.1710 — schedule a showroom tour, today.

Fine’s Gallery, bringing the best of Italy to your doorsetp