10 Jaw Dropping Natural Stone and Bronze Urn Pairs

Fines Gallery of Bonita Springs Florida is a stones throw away from Port Royal Naples. Our 30,000 SQ FT showroom is packed wall to wall with rare and unusual hand carved natural stone and bronze products. We are best known for Italian marble mantels and ability to ship our products anywhere in the US within just weeks.

Designer Model # MP-494 Hand carved cherub urns in statuary marble! https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-494-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm

Designer Model # BP-1198 – Museum quality bronze urn cherubim pair. https://www.finesgallery.com/_BP-1198-Bronze-Planter-Planter.htm

Designer Model # MP-393 – 53″ diameter oversized urn featuring acanthus leaf detail throughout in hand carved travertine! https://www.finesgallery.com/_BP-1198-Bronze-Planter-Planter.htm

Designer Model # MP-502 A pair of limestone planters measuring 60″ tall. https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-502-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm

Designer Model # MP-449 Contemporary style urns carved from solid white onyx. https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-449-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm

Designer Model # MP-518 44″ diameter x 29″ tall urns in hand picked, hand carved Arabascato Marble. https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-518-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm

Cherub and Lion themed Urns in Patina Bronze. https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-518-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm

Designer Model # BP-119 Gold Gilded bronze ram head urns. https://www.finesgallery.com/detail.php?model_ID=BP-119&k=1

Designer Model # MP-526 – Urn and pedestal pair in antique gold granite. https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-526-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm

Exotic Urns in Italian Arabascato Orobico Marble. https://www.finesgallery.com/_MP-526-Marble-Planter-Planter.htm




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