A Touch of Renaissance: Installing a Hand-Carved Statuary White Marble Fireplace in Louis XII Style

When it comes to home interiors, few elements rival the elegance of a hand-carved marble fireplace. Transform your living space with a stunning Statuary White Marble Fireplace in the iconic Louis XII style, a symbol of timeless beauty and historical grandeur.

Fines Gallery Designer Model # MFP-1207

Why Choose Statuary White Marble?

Statuary White Marble is celebrated for its pristine white coloration and delicate gray veining, exuding sophistication and luxury.

Statuary White Marble Quarry – Fine’s Gallery has many stock options that they bought since the 90’s however supplies of the highest quality blocks are getting less and less and the cost to import is expected to continue to rise.

The Louis XII Style

Inspired by the transitional period between Gothic and Renaissance art, the Louis XII style is known for its intricate detailing, classical motifs, and harmonious symmetry.

The mantel was picked from the showroom located in Florida.
Fines Gallery has 150 + or – in stock hand carved marble mantels to choose from. The mantels can be purchased right on the spot. The company has supplied the entire US since the 90’s and can literally customize anything to be made to order in case the homeowner cannot find anything from their vast inventory. It’s rather impressive when considering these are hand carved from real marble!


Fine’s Gallery works closely with install partners who handle all kinds of jobs large and small. The companys are based in Florida however commonly travel all over the US for larger projects such as muli-mantel orders and large fountain features in particular. Marble Columns, balustrades and statues are also common jobs.

There are lots of slabs to choose from to frame the end users firebox insert or raised hearth. The slabs typically match the mantel. The installation above displays both a top fascia filler slab as well as raised hearth cladding.

A french style mantel carved from real marble is the most beautiful material one can choose to create a mantel piece, hands down. Many customers have commented on how reasonable and a wide selection the Gallery has to offer.

About Fine’s Gallery

For unparalleled craftsmanship, look no further than Fine’s Gallery. Specializing in custom marble and bronze sculptures, they offer an exquisite selection of hand-carved marble fireplaces. Their expert artisans ensure each piece captures the elegance and sophistication you desire.

Visit Fine’s Gallery to explore their stunning collections and transform your home into a Renaissance sanctuary with a Louis XII style fireplace. By investing in such a masterpiece, you’re not only enhancing your home’s aesthetic but also preserving a slice of art history.

The sales team is standing by 6 days a week to assist whether you’re a homeowner, designer, architect, or builder. Call us today for an estimate at 239.277.0009.

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